RESOURCES: the various type.

Howdy! Here I am again, warmly welcoming you to another episode off the ongoing series on resources. Hope the introductory content was worth your time? And if you are a first timer here, thanks for stopping by. I do hope this trial will be worth your time.🙏 So, we continue the series, and today we would talk about […]

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Hello there! It’s amazing having you here once again. Hope your end of the year plans are coming together? Like I always say, you guys are awesome; and I appreciate every visit, comments and likes on this blog. Thank you! And to our first timers,  you are also welcome. I hope this trial will bring […]


NATIONAL ECONOMY: Distribution sector

Hello! You are warmly welcome to another week, and another episode off the on going series about national economy. I hope so far, its being enlightening? To our first timers, you are warmly welcome too. I hope today’s read will add to your knowledge.🙏 So today’s topic is about distribution; the second phase of the three activities […]

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Yippee!! Am so excited a new series starts today, and I know that look on your face; you want to look me in the eye and ask, “are we in a commercial class now?”, especially if you have being following this blog for long. Well, wait to read through before calling for my head. Plus […]



You welcome once again. Your effort of taking time to read, comment and/or like each post is highly appreciated. And to our first timers, I want to specailly welcome you; thanks for stopping-by. I hope you will be impacted after this read. Ideally today was meant to be the start of another series, but I […]

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